Jim and Laura Photography: Blog https://www.jimandlauraphotography.com/blog en-us (C) Jim and Laura Photography (Jim and Laura Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:49:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:49:00 GMT https://www.jimandlauraphotography.com/img/s/v-12/u732833496-o796594574-50.jpg Jim and Laura Photography: Blog https://www.jimandlauraphotography.com/blog 120 99 Introduction https://www.jimandlauraphotography.com/blog/2015/8/introduction For all the new Freshman parents and athletes who are wondering who the couple is taking photos on the sidelines and wonder what they are doing with those photos.  We are Jim (82) and Laura Campbell (81).  Laura and I have full time jobs not related to photography.  Laura is an accountant for a very large family owned manufacture and I run our family owned boarding and grooming business (Sugarbush Kennels)  Both of us played multiple sports for the Leopards; football, track and volleyball.  Our son Matt (12) swam and played soccer; which is how all of this started. 

With Matt graduating high school; we continue to follow/photographing him as a college swimmer.  Yes, it is hard to believe he is a college senior this year.  We continue to photograph Leopard sports for a number of reasons.  We know a lot of the athletes and parents, we like Leopard sports (a lot) and it's something we really enjoy doing together. 

What do we do with our photos?  We make our photos available to the LHS Yearbook staff, The Louisville Herald, coaches, other high school staff and athletes and their parents.  We are not employees of the high school or the Herald and we make our photos available to them at no cost.  We make photos available to athletes and their parents thru this website.  Our website lets you share a link to photos on social media and through email at no cost.  Prints are available from Mpix Pro; basically at cost and the quality of the prints are exceptional.  We advise waiting to order prints until you have a large order as shipping is the same cost for one print as a dozen. 

We really want people to order prints.  We feel this is the only way to truly appreciate the quality of the photo.  Digital photos are usually viewed on phones, Ipads or computer screens that are not capable of displaying true colors or the fine details that can be seen in a quality print.  For this reason, we discourage people from requesting digital files. 

We encourage you to view all the photo galleries on our website.  You will see we photograph subjects other than sports.  





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Facebook https://www.jimandlauraphotography.com/blog/2015/8/facebook Starting at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Laura and I decided we would no longer post event photos in bulk to our Jim and Laura Photography Facebook page.  The reason for this decision is due to privacy concerns for the athletes and changes in Facebook’s terms and conditions.  While, we would not be thrilled to see one of our photos used royalty free by some unknown entity; our greatest concern is the protection of high school and college athletes.   We would be very disturbed to see a photo of one of the athletes we photographed exploited in a manner that could potentially be embarrassing to the athlete, team or community. 


We are posting photos to our website  wwww.jimandlauraphotography.com  then sharing a link to Facebook.  We hope this allows us to retain control over our photos and protect athletes we photograph. 


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Photo Sharing https://www.jimandlauraphotography.com/blog/2015/4/photo-sharing A quick reminder to all the users of our website.  

You can share photos on our website via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Email.  There is no charge to share our photos in this manner. 

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Photo Size https://www.jimandlauraphotography.com/blog/2014/8/photo-size All of our sports photos are set to a 5x7 size.  If you are planning on using our photos for athletes scrapbook; 5x7 is a perfect scrapbook size!  If you would like a different print size, just let us know and we will create a file to fit your needs.

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